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About the voice over artist David Ayers

A life in the day of David Ayers

A voice over artist? David's aim is to paint your script into a vocal technicolour of emotion. Well, maybe not. He just tells your story as you want it to be told. It doesn't matter how long or short it is. You tell him how you want it and that is what you will get. Scroll down for more!

"I've recently worked with David, and I've been thrilled with the results. Excellent voiceover quality, delivered with a remarkably quick turnaround. I'd absolutely work with David again!"

Charles Rohlfs, Digital Marketing Manager at Brandetize

David has been a voice over artist since 2013. He has produced many, many voiceovers now for a diverse range of clients. Not just that, he is an experienced sound engineer and knows his stuff. Want more? How about a seasoned musician. How about a degree in business and finance and a masters degree in information technology.

So not only are you hiring a voice over artist, you are hiring a much larger package.

David knows voiceover and he goes the extra mile. 

Inside a voice over artist's studio!

How did David get here? 
It's a long story, but as with so many things in life it happened partly by accident. Voiceover wasn't a career choice as such, but life as a voice over artist ended up being David's main occupation in 2013. After spending many years in the corporate world of I.T. and finance, David decided that his skills and interests would be better utilised in something more creative. Coupled with spending many years in a recording studio as a musician where he honed his sound engineering skills, everything came together and a voice over artist was the inevitable conclusion. 

Some voiceover studio equipment

Skip forward a few years, and you will find David's voice in demand from his studio in Stratford upon Avon, Warwickshire. From automotive adverts to baby food commercials. You have never seen him, but you probably have heard his versatile voice. David is a professional and it shows. Deadlines adhered to. Check. Quality up to scratch. Check. Happy clients. Check. However he isn't a 'stiff'. He is described as a male voice over artist, but he wouldn't say he was. As he often says to his clients, prepare to get the job done, but leave with a smile on your face as work should be professional AND fun!


£0.30 per word.
Same day delivery (depending upon script length!!!!).

Contact me for an accurate quotation.

Videos / animations

£200 for up to 2 minutes.
Same day delivery (or less). 

Contact me for an accurate quotation.

Telephone / IVR

£200 for up to 2 minutes.
Same day delivery (or less).

Contact me for an accurate quotation.


David's aim is provide superb quality audio rapidly at a fair price. He is not the most expensive in the marketplace (due to his hyper efficient workflow process), but neither is he cheap. 

The prices quoted above are examples and not an accurate quotation. All work which David provides comes with three 'takes', so if you need to amend your script then you can do that up to three times.

Audio files can be provided in MP3 / WAV format.

Connect with David