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Are voice over artists in the UK really used for elearning?

You better believe it! So how does it work with elearning? I mean elearning.. that's just sitting in front of a computer screen, right? Wrong. Elearning is an interactive and immersive experience. Think virtual reality. Think learning through games. Think youtube video. Think structured learning which is geared to the learner and able to train each learner to the same level.

There is more to elearning than meets the eye. So, you may ask, where on earth does a voice artist in the UK come into this equation? How about a motivating voice that gets the juices moving for the learner? How about an enthusiastic sounding guy who entices the learner to want to learn more? You get the picture.

How do you as an elearning author get the voice for your project? It's easier than you think. A script is great. With timings is even better. David is quite used to advising clients as to the best way to do all this. Just email or call, he is here waiting to help you.

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