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Testimonials for British voice over actor David Ayers

Thank you, from this British voice over actor!

Who are David's clients? Well, if you are one of David's clients he would like to say how grateful he is to have your custom. David never forgets that without his clients he would be nowhere. You could say that even this British voice over actor is grateful to you!  Some of these names you would have heard of, and some you wouldn't. No matter. Each client is important to David. From this British voice over actor, he salutes you all!

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QVC TV promo

QVC requested a british voice over actor to help them with their new promos. Producer Fintan Kearney invited David to the QVC studios in London, England to voice their new spring season. Taking direction from the various producers, around twenty promos were finished within an hour. No problems!

A versatile and talented artist and a gent to work with to boot.

Fintan Kearney, QVC

Telephone / IVR - Black Swan Coffee

"If you're on the fence about talented voice-over artists, I can, without hesitation, give my recommendation to use David Ayers! He has been an integral part of our image through voice! He has the ability and range to capture the target market you wish to reach. A gifted and highly accomplished professional indeed!"

Patrick Butters, CEO, Michigan USA

Explainer video - voicing over an animation

"David was great to work with and delivered within an extremely short time. Thanks so much!" 

Florian Koessler, IDEO GmbH

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Just send David an email or give him a call if you want any more testimonials. 

All David's clients are happy with what he supplies to them. In actual fact, if they aren't happy they get up to three versions. David has yet to have a client tell him they weren't happy with the voiceover he has supplied to them and after all, who wants to see anyone unhappy? 

David is the british voice over actor based in Stratford upon Avon, England. He can be seen quite frequently talking to himself in his studio! 

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