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Video and explainer animations

David Ayers - the voice over in the UK

Videos. They are everywhere. Facebook, websites, internal and external etc. etc. Of course many are animations too and 'explainers'. Guess what explainers do... yep... explain things to the viewer!

As a video producer what does David require from you so that you can get the best out of the whole process. A script is a good start. Timings for each paragraph would be wonderful. Sometimes clients send David the 'dry' video file to view so that he can match the audio to the video. All are good, and David's versatility aims for a pain free process from start to end. After all, he is a voice over in the UK and understands the culture and nuances of each phrase.

Whatever you choose to do, David is here to help you along the way. David always has the end point in mind and always looks towards the 'big picture' so that you the client gets what you want and when you want it. Speed and quality is what David strives for. David, the voice over in the UK!

Aptamil - facebook campaign

David was asked to join the Aptamil team in order to provide the voice of the father of a baby. Unfortunately, it wasn't communicated that David was actually to play the grandfather. However no problem. David is flexible and switched over at a moments notice, providing the team with what they wanted even down to advising them on sound file types and which would be best for their campaign. All part of the service David provides!


How much fun can it be for a voice over in the uk? Well David was fortunate to receive an email from those wonderful people at QVC asking him to go to their studios to record a number of promos. 

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