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Telephone and IVR - male voiceover David Ayers

Telephone and IVR. What is it?

Good question. Someone answering the telephone when you call a number is always inviting. Even better is someone who entices you in and makes the company you are calling sound professional and caring. 

That's what you get when you get a male voiceover to record your message.

How about IVR though? Interactive Voice Recording. That's what you hear if you phone through and get options to choose from. 

There is nothing to stop you using Jim from accounts to record it of course, but then again he does breathe quite heavily.

Alternatively using a male voiceover (like David) will mean you have a broadcast quality audio without and breaths, crackles or buzzes. Don't believe me? Read on.

A case study of Telephone and IVR

"If you're on the fence about talented voice-over artists, I can, without hesitation, give my recommendation to use David Ayers! He has been an integral part of our image through voice! He has the ability and range to capture the target market you wish to reach. A gifted and highly accomplished professional indeed!"

Patrick Butters, CEO, Michigan USA

A speedy and quality recording

Patrick invited David to supply the male voiceover for his new venture, Black Swan Coffee. It was an urgent need as he was getting too many telephone calls on his personal telephone and wanted to separate his business and personal life effectively.

Patrick's requirement was for David to act as the voice of Black Swan.

The result? Well, David recorded the message to the script (with a few amendments) and the files were delivered within a few hours. Clean, professional and effective recordings.

Patrick could then filter his calls to select the most important ones to answer first. 

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