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TV Radio Promos - voice actor David Ayers

TV and radio Promos. What's that all about then?

Promos are the introductions you have before a TV or radio programme. They could be telling the viewer or listener what is coming up next in the schedule, or alternatively what could be being aired later on in the month. You can have dry promos without a music bed (ie. background music) or a wet promo with a music bed. As a voice actor David is quite used to providing either. Ordinarily David records from the script in his studio and then send the finished sound file to you, the client. However David can travel to a studio of your choice if required - sunny locations are preferred!

So what does David need from you? How does it work? Well, a voice actor needs a script. It would be great if it had timings with each paragraph, however David is flexible and can adapt if there is just a page of text. Sometimes clients send a video file (mp4) without audio, and this is fine too as David can match your words to the script as well.

What a number of clients tend to do is produce the script, produce the video and then record themselves speaking. This has a number of advantages in that it shows David any pronunciations, emphasis required on any phrases, speed and intonation. Also it means you can get the finished files back pretty quickly!

QVC TV Promo

David was asked by QVC to pop down to their studios in London as they were looking for a voice actor and after hearing some of David's demos they wanted him. If you are a keen QVC shopper you may have heard him, but unfortunately never seen him!

"A versatile and talented artist and a gent to work with to boot."

Fintan Kearney, QVC

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